Ways of Blotting Your Pizza

Feb 25, 2020

Yes, there are actual techniques of how to blot your pizza. There’s a general rule to go by when blotting your pizza. You should be gentle when dabbing your pizza because if you push too hard, you risk losing your toppings, cheese, and sauce. So, whether you dab or not you should still know the technique of getting rid of the excess oils on your pizza.

The wadded napkin blot

As the name suggests this method is done by taking a bunch of napkins and crumple them up together and (gently) dab the pizza grease away. Keep an eye on your napkins as you can end up with greasy hands at the end.

The flat napkin method

This is a similar technique as the previous one the only difference is that you use one large napkin to dab the pizza grease until its gone. Another way you can do this method is to rest the napkin on the pizza and watch the oil soak up the napkin.

The fold & drip

This technique is simple to do as you just fold your pizza and tilt the slice towards your plate (or napkin). And just watch in awe as a river of pizza grease runs through your slice and lands on your plate.

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