The BEST Pizza in Southington Connecticut

by | Jan 15, 2021


Pizza Southington CTAre you looking for the best pizza in Southington, Connecticut? Well, look no further! Here at Domenic’s and Vinnie’s, we offer simply the best pizza in Southington, Connecticut. Since 1949 our focus has been to serve the most delicious and freshest pizza imaginable.

You may ask, what makes Domenic’s and Vinnie’s the best pizza in Southington, Connecticut? It comes down to two simple factors-our ingredients and deep family roots. The combination of these two factors allows us to make a high-quality, mouthwatering pie. 

Everything we make is fresh and our ingredients are all sourced locally. From our sauces and doughs to our meatballs and sausages, we pride ourselves on making everything in-house using high-quality local ingredients. You can really taste the difference! With over 20 enticing pizza topping options to choose from, we can create the perfect pizza to satisfy you and your family.

We have over sixty years of pizza making experience and take deep pride in it. We use a special recipe that has been handed down for generations, dating back to our family’s roots in Castelpaganica, Italy. Our first restaurant opened in March 1949 in Waterbury, quickly becoming one of the most popular pizza places in the entire area. Then, as demand grew, we opened a second restaurant in Middlebury. And then a third location in Southington several years later. named our pizzeria one of the top pizza restaurants in Southington, CT. It’s thanks to our 70 years of pizza making experience that Domenic’s & Vinnie’s has garnered a reputation for the best pizza in the area.

Want to try the best pizza in Southington, Connecticut? Check out the menu for our Southington location!