Pizza Toppings That are Kid Friendly

When you have kids, eating out with the family can be difficult to deal with. Dine-in or take out pizza can be a favorite for children but not all pizza toppings are created equally when it comes to picky eaters. Here are some pizza toppings that are guaranteed to be hits amongst the youngsters:

Tomatoes are already in your sauce so there’s a good chance that your child will enjoy more! This is a great first step to introducing toppings on pizza.

With their mild flavor and bright colors peppers are also a great starter topping for the little ones in your life. Worst comes to worst, they can easily pick off the pizza topping and set it aside.

It’s a classic for a reason but keep an eye out if the circular meat topping is too spicy for your child. If your child isn’t ready for the zest of a pepperoni try our homemade sausage as a replacement.

This option is for the pickiest of eaters. It  makes sense since children love french fries! A potato pizza topping will be the closest you can get to fries on a delicious pizza.

Pizza in Southington CT

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At Domenic’s & Vinnie’s, we offer all of these kid-friendly pizza toppings and more at all of our three Connecticut locations. You can either dine-in with your family, call for pick-up or get it delivered to your home for a family pizza night. 🍕