Pizza Pizza and more Pizza

Feb 25, 2020

When you think of a pizzeria, I hope the first thing you think of is Pizza! Domenic’s and Vinnie’s specialty is their pizza, that is why the only thing you will find on the menu is, pizza, pizza and more pizza!

You can find some of the most delicious pizza combinations in Connecticut at Domenic’s and Vinnie’s. There are three pizzeria locations, Southington, Waterbury, and Middlebury, and although each of these pizza menus are to die for, the menu items do vary by location.

For example, if you would like ricotta on your pizza, you will have to go to the Middlebury or Southington Domenic’s and Vinnie’s location, for ricotta is not offered at the Waterbury pizzeria.

The “Hot Lips” specialty pizza which is a new item added to the menu is only offered at the Southington and Middlebury locations.

The “Red Potato” specialty pizza, which is, cheese, red potatoes, light bacon & chives, is only offered at the Southington location.

For customers who want something lighter, or a side with their delicious pizza can also get a garden salad, which is the only non-pizza item on their menu, but the salad is only offered at the Southington, and Waterbury locations.

The rest of the menu is the same at all three locations. You can go to the Domenic’s and Vinnie’s pizzeria, in the town of your choice and get any of the other specialty or regular pizzas for the same price, taste, and experience.

Click here to view the Domenic’s and Vinnie’s Waterbury Menu, Middlebury Menu, and the Southington Menu.