Tune Into Trivia Tuesday with Domenic’s and Vinnie’s

Feb 25, 2020

Who doesn’t love free food? Everybody loves free food, especially free food from the one and only, Domenic’s and Vinnie’s. Well, now every Tuesday, you get a chance to win a FREE large pizza from your favorite pizzeria, Domenic’s and Vinnie’s.

How, might you ask? Follow the Domenic’s and Vinnie’s Facebook page and log in every Tuesday and stay tuned for the traditional “Tuesday Trivia” post.

Every Tuesday, Domenic’s and Vinnie’s gives their fans a chance to win a free large pizza by answering a question about the pizzeria only their most loyal customers will be able to answer.

Questions like, “Do you know why Domenic’s & Vinnie’s serves their pizza in paper bags?” Or “How much does each piece of dough for a large pie weigh?” or “Where in Italy did the Trocchi family, the original founders of Domenic’s & Vinnie’s Pizza, immigrate from?” The questions are tricky but true Domenic’s and Vinnie’s fans will know the answer no problem. Of course there is always the chance that more than one person gets the answer correct. To be fair, each person with the correct answer will go into a raffle.

The name that gets chosen will be tagged in a comment on the trivia post congratulating the winner! The Winner then has to message the Domenic’s and Vinnie’s Facebook page to claim their gift certificate of one free large pizza of their choice.  So do not forget to tune into the Domenic’s and Vinnie’s Facebook page, not only to get a chance to win a free large pizza, but a chance to get to know the best pizza place around a little better. You won’t regret it!