Pineapple Pizza Combos

Sep 14, 2019

Pineapple: the juicy golden fruit that’s tropical yet controversial on your pizza. Pineapple on pizza is not for everyone but if you want to try it out or try an interesting combo here are some toppings that compliment the tropical fruit.


Everything goes well with bacon, right? For this combo it’s especially true as you get the salty-sweet flavor profile on your pizza. There’s also a texture contrast with the crisp bacon pairing well with the soft pineapple. 


Like bacon, you get a salty-sweet  delicious pizza with this combo. Sausage offers a mellow, sweet, meaty flavor that compliments  pineapple.


A favorite amongst all toppings.  Pepperoni brings a spicy flavor that contrasts perfectly with the pineapple. 


This is a great option if you’re a veggie lover as the olives deliver a saltiness that works well with pineapple. The bonus is that it looks beautiful on your delicious pizza!

Extra Cheese

Why not double down on your love for pineapple pizza and just add more cheese on your pizza? Savor the sweetness of your pineapple by keeping it simple. 

All of these topping options for your pineapple pizza are all available at Domenic’s & Vinnie’s. We’ve been in the business of pizza for 70 years. We make our pizza the authentic Italian pizzeria way. We even make our own sausage! Order your pizza online or call at one of our 3 pizzeria locations in Connecticut. 🍕