How Pepperoni is Made

Oct 11, 2019

Pepperoni pizza has become an iconic part of American culture.  You see pepperoni everywhere from on your phone in emoji form to on shelves at every grocery store nationally inspiring people to make their own delicious pizza. 

Have you ever wondered how pepperoni is made? Pepperoni recipes may vary from person to person but the ingredients for this delicious pizza topping are the same. It all begins with pork and beef.  After trimming and mixing the pork and beef, a spice blend is added.  The typical spices used for pepperoni are:

● paprika
● garlic
● black pepper
● crushed red pepper
● cayenne pepper
● mustard seed
● fennel seed

The mixture gets ground and combined with lactic acid bacteria. We know that sounds dangerous and scary but don’t worry,  it’s good bacteria (yes. there is such a thing). That bacteria is what starts the fermentation process.  Over a few days the meat is fermented, smoked, dried and placed into a casing. Finally, the pepperoni gets sliced to place onto your delicious pizza.

You can have your very own pepperoni pizza or one of our many specialty pizzas that also feature pepperoni. Our combo pizza, the Meat Lover’s pizza, and the Special pizza are just a few.

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