Delicious Pizza in a Paper Bag

Oct 5, 2019

If you order pizza to go from Domenic’s & Vinnie’s, you might wonder why your pizza is served in a paper bag rather than a cardboard box.

Do you think it helps release moisture and steam? Is it keeping your delicious pizza crisper? Does is make for a more delicious pizza? Does is have to do with recycling? The paper bag does allow steam to release, keeping your delicious pizza crisper, but this is not why you get a paper bag instead of a cardboard box when you order pizza from Domenic’s & Vinnie’s.

The real reason? Like many other practices of ours, if you order pizza to go, we package it in a paper bag because of tradtion.

When Domenic’s and Vinnie’s first opened in 1949, the pizzas were packaged in a brown paper bag. Our original pizzeria outdated cardboard boxes – boxes for pizza did not exist. When cardboard boxes became mainstream, we kept up with tradition.

Domenic's and Vinnie's pizza

Tradition is important in our family. We believe that nothing is better than keeping everything authentic right down to our pizza dough, pizza sauce, sausage and meatball recipes, and brown paper bags. Read about what others have to say about our pizza here.

If you do wish to have your delicious pizza in a cardboard box, of course Domenic’s and Vinnie’s is not going to deny you that. We do offer boxes for those who prefer it. For those who want to keep up with tradition, click here to check out our mouthwatering menu and order pizza! In a bag.  🍕